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Step 1: About You

So I will know who I am talking to.
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Step 2: About the Company

All about you as a company or organization
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Company Overview *

This section introduces me to your company. Briefly describe who you are, what you do, size of company, and what your vision or mission statement is.
Your Ideal Client: *

Please tell me about your audience. Any relevant statistics about the demographics of your current customers will be helpful. Additionally, if you have created an ideal client persona or client avatar, please included that information here. Or, if you are unsure of who your ideal client is and would like me to help you with creating a persona, please let me know.
Does your company have an official brand guide? *

A brand guide details important aspects that should be uniform for everything from the company. This can include how the logo is to be used, what primary colors are allowed, the preferred font choices, etc.

Other people I should know:

Please list other people in the company that I may need to work with. This includes CEO, accounting, etc. Simply list their names and titles/departments, e.g. Nancy Jones--Accounts Payable.
Step 3: The Project

The reason we are here.
The Problem: *

What problem do you want to solve with a new/updated website?
Project Overview: *

Describe in plain English your current situation, and give me an overview of what the project is going to entail. Don’t try to be too formal or politically correct here… oftentimes corporate semantics can muddle the message. Write in the manner you’d describe the project to a friend.
Objectives and Goals *

This is the "WHY" & "WHAT" of the project. WHY do you want to do this and WHAT do you want to achieve in the end. Include both short term and long term goals.
Scope: *

The products and services you are looking for. Check ALL that apply.

Step 4 is broken into 2 parts: Print & Web. Please answer the questions in the section(s) for your project type(s).

Step 4a: Print Details

These questions apply to projects with a print component. If you are not needing print at this time, simply skip through these questions.
Please list the details of EACH print items below. Include the type, size, quantity (both for now and possibility of later), material, color option (B&W, full-color, 1 color, 2 color, etc), what content (text, images, data tables, etc) need creating, and any other detail you consider important.

An Example:
Brochure 1: 3 fold, letter size, 1,000 now, more later, non-bleed paper, full color, have text but needs editing, need images, must follow brand guide of logo, colors, and font.
Step 4b: Web Technical Details

These questions apply to projects with a web component. If you are not needing web at this time, simply skip through these questions.
Type of Website?

Dynamic vs Static. With a Dynamic site, you can quickly change and add content such as a blog. A Static site, however is more like a brochure and changes are only made once or twice a year.

Approximate Number of Page:

How many pages do you need?

For example: Home, About, Services, Contact us = 4 pages

Number of Unique Layouts:

How many unique layouts do you need?

For example, you may have 5 pages, but all inside pages have the exact same layout, therefore you may only have 2 unique layouts.

Current Web Hosting Provider:


Are there any specific features or functions you want the website to have. Some examples are calendars, contact forms, blogs, file downloads/uploads, newsletter opt-ins, e-commerce.
Step 6: The Restraints

Time & Money are the biggest restraint in any business. Here we will layout what your budget is and how quickly you need it completed. Remember, my purpose is "Incredibly Professional Designs for the Average Citizen." I can work with you on payment schedules and even "service-for-service" arrangements.
Estimated Budget Range: *

in USD

Estimated Completion Time: *

This is not just how long YOUR project will take to complete, but allows for other client projects to be completed. Since I am currently only freelancing part-time, I can only work on 1-2 projects at a time. I WILL factor this in when I give you the proposed timeline.

Step 7: Final Comments

Any additional requests or comments?

How Did You Get Here?

Did someone refer me? Let me know who I should thank. Did you find me on Google? Please enter the search terms you used to find me.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. I will review it and contact you soon.
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